keywords in repetition [09-2019]

October 09, 2019


distribution, outreach, call, demo

We are trying to figure out what would be the perfect channel for acquiring new customers to UserGuiding. We'll try cold outreach, paid advertising, calling new sign-ups.. let's see how it goes. Beside software, I love sales; taking care of people.


pre-seed, seed, series A

We've secured seed-ish investment lately. Obviously looking for the series A now. Investment does not solve problems, but it definitely helps.


new version, pr, merge, review

3 developers contributing to codebase actively now. A lot of releases, pull requests, code reviews recently. Finally, right things happening more often than the mistakes. Shout out to our bad-ass developers making all possible.


docker, jenkins, helm

We've moved to mono-repo few months ago, we've been maintaining 14 seperate repositories before. Everything is more organized now, our releases are smooth and we have a proper CI/CD. When it comes to release we're betting on quality vs quantity. We've found less release resulting in stable software -> less churn -> more growth 💸

new tech

typescript, rxjs

I've been experimenting with TypeScript & RxJS for a while. Finally we made the decision to use TypeScript on the new code and use RxJS on the version 3.0's preview algorithms. Both has great first impression, quite excited to play with new toys 😋