working on the weekend

September 03, 2022

When I was 4-5 years old, I’ve been helping grandpa in his farm during summers. He is a great inspiration to me. He told me about his childhood story, that he was very successful at school but his dad needed him in farming so he had to dropout. He promised himself that his kids would get the education opportunity. He was working 7 days without a pause, so he could provide the opportunity to his kids, the opportunity he didn’t have.

Grandpa taught me that life is not about ourselves, it’s about the people we love.

I was waking up at 6am, working so hard to get good at farming. Later I became the right-hand to him. My mom was surprised, she say I was so lazy as a baby I wouldn’t even mind to cry. Just a tiny scream when I need something, and that’s it.

I’m still lazy with personal matters. I’m a kid who likes to help others. I work on weekend for my co-founders, teammates, family and friends.